We deliver top-notch capacity building solutions to busy executives and social sector organizations. Through our work in managing projects, building partnerships, improving performance, and increasing revenue, Semilla client organizations have realized improved capacity and better results. Translated from Spanish, semilla means "seed". Our mission is to cultivate excellence in the social sector through work that ensures growth, impact, and sustainability.

Grant Writing and Other Business Writing 
Capacity Building Services, including

  • Consulting

  • Program Design

  • Project Management

  • Partner Cultivation

  • Strategic Planning

  • Financial Management

  • Staff Development 

  • Quality Assurance & Best Practices

We strengthen business effectiveness through support for the management and operations of your organization.

We serve human service organizations primarily representing the social sector. Our clients are predominately small to mid-size nonprofit agencies striving for increased capacity and greater social impact.

On target with grant deadlines? Check out the Grant Activity Calendar, tailored to the interests of Semilla client organizations.

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